Cost of Service and Repair

I service all Öhlins suspension products correctly and fast.  No need to wait several weeks to get your work done.  All Work is done by me personally.

My service shop rate is $110 per hour.  For other prices see the appropriate section below.

Every shock absorber and pressurized fork that leaves my shop is dyno tested to insure that it is functioning properly.  It is the only way to see if the damper is working correctly and that there is no hidden problem that wasn't obvious during the service.

When sending me a damper please clean it and remove the spring if you can.  Some Öhlins shocks, especially for motorcycle applications, need special tools to remove the spring so don't feel this needs to be done if it looks like something you don't have the tools to do.  I charge $12 to remove and replace springs.  As far as cleaning goes, why pay me to do something you can easily do.  Dampers are waterproof so you can put them in soapy water and clean them with a soft brush.

Why Service?

Just as you regularly change the oil in your engine, the oil in your suspension needs to be changed as well.  Worse yet, your suspension doesn't have a filter!

With each stroke of travel, the polished surfaces of your suspension pick up microscopic particles of debris.  Those particles get drawn into the oil, and over time contaminate the interior passageways.  As the miles accumulate, so does the grunge.  Without regular service, your high-performance suspension begins to lose it's ability to dampen force.

To keep your investment performing at it's design level, Ohlins recommends servicing your street motorcycle suspension every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, and your track/race bike suspension every 10 hours of track time.